Fine Art Restoration

For more than thirty years Tirage Fine Art Gallery’s restoration and conservation team has applied the finest museum 3.FemalePortraitAfter.jpgstandard methods of artwork preservation to countless compromised oil paintings in many artistic styles, including works dating to the European post-Renaissance era.  On any single project, restoration services may include: 

  • Repair of holes, tears, & scratches
  • Removal of dirt and smoke
  • Repair of flaking, peeling and cracking paint
  • Removal of darkened or yellowing varnish
  • Repair loose and chipped paint
  • Relining of severely damaged canvases
  • Stretching of loose canvas
  • Inpainting of missing or damaged content to match the artist’s original color palette and brush technique
  • Application of new varnish

The restoration process begins with consignment of the painting to the gallery for a thorough inspection and initial damage assessment.  A receipt is issued to the client as the artwork needs to be tested in our restoration studio for the exact chemical composition of the original paint and examined for specific condition issues on the canvas and stretcher bar supports.  This process may take from one to four weeks based on the severity of condition and/or damage.  A determination will then be made to select a compatible cleaning solution and correct method of repair to the damage.  An estimate of the total cost and time frame will be sent before any corrective work is undertaken.  No work will commence without expressed, written permission to begin the restoration process. 

A single conservator will be working on an individual painting to insure continuity during the long process of restoration.  Conservation and restoration are by nature a long, tedious process involving millimeters of surface at a time.  All work is insured during the restoration process and California sales tax is not applicable on fine art restoration. 

Tirage Fine Art Gallery can also arrange for separate, in-house frame restoration or a new or replacement frame hand-crafted by our frame specialists.

Recent Restoration Projects

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