Agostino Zaliani (1932-2015)

This collection of engravings and etchings are designed and created by hand by Italian contemporary master, Agostino Zaliani (1932-2015). These unusual compositions are executed in the traditional manner and are the product of a master's unfailing eye for composition, artistic integrity and craft. Rarely exhibited in the United States, Zaliani's etchings and engravings are released in extremely low editions and are pencil signed and numbered by the artist, accompanied by Certificates guaranteeing authenticity. Considered one of the most important of Italian engravers, Agostino Zaliani exhibited in major museums and European Biennales including: Biblioteca Comunale Sormani di Milano (Italy); Biblioteca Comunale Paullo ; Gallery "San Carlo" of Milan; Accademia dei Concordi, Rovigo; Museo di Milano, Comune di Milano; Gallery "Bolzani", Gallery "Minerva"; Galleria del Incisione, Alzai Naviglio Grande, Milan (Italy), etc.